The Perfect Calendar Apps for iOS and Android

In today’s society, we are too much disorganized that we even forget to take a meal or forget important events and appointments. There are many reasons for this to happen such as the change in lifestyle and overburdened schedule and more. The smartphones can manage this disorganized journey through the help of calendar apps.

To plug the menace of a chaotic life, we have collected a list of some of the perfect calendar apps for you to transform your journey perfect one, like to be punctual on time. Here we go:

1- Fantastical 2

It runs on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It has the features like Force Touch, 3D Touch. It supports multiple languages and helps people use speech to make reminders. It assists in the use of simple text phrases to create alerts and reminders. It strives to make every activity more convenient to save time.

This app has its unique dashboard view that offers quick and easy access to all of your reminders. If you have an Apple Watch, there is also an app configured with it that can permit you to speak directly to the Apple Watch to add new reminders or events with the help of Force Touch capabilities.

You can use text phrases like “remind me the day after tomorrow at 2 PM,” or “alarm 2 PM” to fix new alerts. You can even add a geofence to an alert so that it can turn off once you arrive or leave a specific area. You can text a sentence with “reminder,” “to do,” or “task” to make reminders.

2- CloudCal

It runs on Android devices. It has a unique way of depicting how busy you are on any day. The Android app uses a system “Magic Circles” that moves the days of the month into clock faces and depict different colored circles. Each circle corresponds to respective tasks that you have scheduled on that day. For example, if there is someone’s birthday, then there would be a complete magical circle for that day. If you have scheduled a meeting at work that same day, then there would be another segment of the colored circle. The concept of the magic circle system is to give a rough understanding of what the day will be like.

To complement the magic circles, CloudCal has a feature like gesture assistance, customizable views, calendar import. It can also operate along with other apps such as Uber, Maps but it needs you to have its pro version.

3- Calendars 5

It is named so because of its fifth version of Readdle’s Calendar app. The present incarnation of the app runs with both the iPhone and iPad, permitting you to keep track of your activities across iOS devices.

Text like “Meet John at Starbucks on Saturday, ” and this app will automatically make an event on Saturday to meet at Starbucks. It has multiple views to depict your schedule when using the fullest screen of iPhone. You can drag the events from one to another day for altering the schedule on your devices. In this, you can edit on offline mode as well, which will be synchronized once you have Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, it is able to fix the recurring events, set customized alerts, and invite others to your tasks.

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